Momcozy V2 Breast Pump Review: Efficient, Portable, and Comfortable

Written By: Megan Svetz
Reviewed By: Kate Madsen

Breastfeeding can be a rewarding experience for mothers, but it comes with its own set of challenges—time management, flexibility, and comfort are just a few. The Momcozy V2 Breast Pump is Ultra-Light & Hands Free with a promise to make pumping easier and more comfortable.

As a mother who has used various breast pumps, I wanted to provide an in-depth review of this model to help you determine if it’s the right choice for your needs.




  • Battery takes about 2 hours to fully charge.
  • Wearable, but still has tubing.
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Unboxing the Momcozy v2 breast pump with controller and two cups in the box
Unboxing the Momcozy V2 Breast Pump, can’t wait to use it!

Key Takeaways

  • Lightweight and Portable: This breast pump is designed to be super portable and is ultra-light, at 0.28 lbs!
  • Hands-Free Operation: The pump’s hands-free design allows you to move around while pumping.
  • Customizable Settings: It has 5 flange sizes, 9 adjustable suction levels, and 3 modes, to cater to individual preferences.
  • Durable and Quality Design: The pump is made from food-grade, BPA-free silicone and has a rechargeable battery that lasts about 12 hours.

Overall Rating: 8.0


8 out of ten rating

Ease of Use: 9/10

9 out of ten rating

Durability & Quality: 7/10

7 out of ten rating

Comfort: 8/10

8 out of ten rating
9 out of ten rating

Flexibility: 8/10

8 out of ten rating

Design: 8/10

8 out of ten rating

Price: 7/10

7 out of ten rating

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The small Momcozy V2 Breast Pump controller in my hand
The controller of the Momcozy V2 breast pump is small enough to fit in the bag.

Hands-On Review

I was a little intimidated by the Momcozy V2 Breast Pump when it first arrived, but it was actually really easy to set up and use. It came with a variety of parts to better fit different sized breasts, the control remote was not complicated, and the instructions were very clear.

Momcozy kept it simple with 3 different modes of pumping length and speed, as well as 9 power levels for suction. Plus, it’s super easy to take apart for cleaning.

As for the hands free part, it is SO convenient!

It was quick and easy to get hooked up, put the remote in my pocket, and go about my day. Just being able to have my hands free and not be attached to a machine was so nice. I could sit on the couch and relax, but if I needed to get up and help a kiddo or whatever, I could! I loved that I could get some chores or work done on my laptop while pumping!

One thing I would recommend is wearing a big, stretchy, comfy bra while pumping. It’s not necessary, especially if you’re just sitting on the couch while pumping, but if you’re hoping to chase after kids, or do some chores around the house while pumping, a bra helps to keep the pump secured to your chest.

Safety and Sturdiness: 8/10

The Momcozy V2 Breast Pump is extremely portable and lightweight, with a one-handed small remote and two breast cups that weight less than .26 lbs! Each cup has a double-sealed flange and is made from BPA-free and soft food-grade silicone. They also have a little silicone piece at the top so that you are able to move around without any concern of milk leaking if you bend over.

I love how I can customize the Momcozy V2 Breast Pump and choose from one of 3 modes and 9 different levels of suction power. Initially the suction felt too strong, so I had it at a 2, but now after a few months of use, I have found a 6 is perfect!

3 modes of the Momcozy v2 breast pump described with waves: short, long, and a mix
The Momcozy V2 Breast Pump allows you to choose your preference with three different modes of suction.

Ease of Use: 9/10

The Momcozy V2 Breast Pump has a hands-free design, making it easy to use while attending to other tasks. It is quick to assemble, the controls are intuitive, and the pump’s lightweight nature adds to its convenience.

Cleaning the Momcozy V2 Breast Pump is easy with only 4 different parts to clean and no weird unreachable nooks or crannies. Additionally, everything that touches the breast milk can also be sanitized by putting it in boiling water.

Washing my Momcozy V2 and re-assembling it
Washing and reassembling the Momcozy V2 is super easy! And you can even boil and sanitize all the necessary parts.

Durability and Quality: 7/10

The build quality of the Momcozy V2 Breast Pump seems great, and I haven’t had any issues with the hand-held controller or the cups. It’s durable for everyday use and the materials feel solid. Plus, I love that the Momcozy V2 Breast Pump is made from food-grade, BPA-free silicone.

The Momcozy V2 Breast Pump rechargeable battery lasts about 12 hours, I typically use it for 6 pumps which last about 30 minutes each.

Comfort: 8/10

The Momcozy V2 Breast Pump is customizable to ensure comfort. It has 3 different modes: Stimulation (short pulses), Expression (long pulses) and Mixed (both short and long pulses). It has 9 different suction power levels and includes 5 flange sizes: 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 24mm, and 27mm.

The silicone flange on the breast cups is soft and gentle on the skin, reducing discomfort during extended pumping sessions. The cups are SO lightweight, and shaped more naturally than the more round cups of other pumps. I also love that they are extremely quiet and more discreet looking than other “chunkier” looking hands-free breast pumps.

Weight and Bulkiness: 9/10

The Momcozy V2 Breast Pump has a compact pocket-size motor that only weighs 0.28 lbs! Its ultra-light design makes it easy to carry and use on the go, and it is small enough to put in my diaper bag or purse without a problem. I love not having to tote around a separate breast feeding bag!

The lightest hands-free breast pump at only .26 lbs.

Flexibility: 8/10

The customizable settings offer flexibility, allowing the pump to adapt to your changing needs as your baby grows. Plus, each Momcozy v2 Breast Pump cup holds 6 oz of milk! Initially I pumped about 2 ounces from each breast, now I am closer to about 4 ounces from each breast.

Design: 8/10

I love the sleek, modern design of the Momcozy v2 Breast Pump, especially the lightweight motor and one-hand controller. However, I have noticed that sometimes it is easy to accidentally change the settings on the controller.

The ergonomic design of the cups themselves makes them a good fit and discreet enough to use in public without drawing attention. Not to mention, the compact size adds to its portability.

The Momcozy V2 Breast Pump is more quiet than most of the breast pumps I have used, including the Willow Go or Spectra Breast Pump, with only the Pumpables Breast Pump being a little quieter. I don’t have to be embarrassed when pumping in the office or in public, and I barely even hear it in the car.

Price 7/10

Considering its features, the pump is reasonably priced. However, some mothers might find it a bit steep compared to other options with similar features. Nonetheless, in my opinion the quality and convenience justify the cost.

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Momcozy V2 breast pump includes 5 different flange sizes
Image of the packaged flanges; the Momcozy V2 Breast Pump includes 5 different flange sizes.

Momcozy V2 Breast Pump Product Info

Assembly and Configurations

Assembly is straightforward, with clear instructions included in the package. The pump can be configured for single or double pumping, providing flexibility based on your needs. The parts are easy to clean and can also be sterilized in boiling water, which is a significant plus.

Warranty Information

Momcozy offers a 1-year warranty for the Ultra-Light & Hands Free Breast Pump V2, covering manufacturing defects and other issues. This includes normal wear and tear associated with proper use, providing some peace of mind.

Momcozy V2 breast pump box

Final Thoughts

The Momcozy Breast Pump V2 is an Ultra-Light, Hands Free Breast Pump and is an excellent option for mothers seeking convenience, portability, and comfort. Its lightweight design, hands-free operation, and customizable settings make it a versatile, comfortable choice. The quality of the material and its ease of use & cleaning make it a solid choice for most mothers. Overall, I love it, and really didn’t find much fault in it. I wish I had it for my first baby, haha!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use the Momcozy V2 Breast Pump while nursing?

    Yes, the Momcozy V2 Breast Pump has a hands-free design allowing you to use the pump while nursing or doing other tasks. Just ensure it’s securely in place to avoid spills.

  • How do I clean the Momcozy V2 Breast Pump?

    The parts can be easily disassembled for cleaning and sterilization. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning to ensure safety.

  • Is the suction adjustable on the Momcozy V2 Breast Pump?

    Yes, the Momcozy V2 Breast Pump offers adjustable suction levels to cater to individual preferences and comfort.

  • Does the Momcozy V2 Breast Pump work with all bottle types?

    No, the Momcozy V2 Breast Pump does not fit all bottle types, but it is compatible with most standard-sized bottles. Check the specifications to ensure compatibility with your bottles.


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