Megan Svetz

Head of Product Experience
Product Testing
Product Experience


  • Highly skilled in building and testing products, with a unique perspective from her experience as a mother of three and foster mother.
  • Holds a Degree in Software Development from Western Governors University.
  • Expert in creating content tailored to new parents to offer insightful advice and practical tips.


Megan Svetz is an accomplished Head of Product Experience, well-versed in the art of building and testing products. She leverages her professional expertise and personal experiences as a mother to create insightful and engaging content for new parents.

Megan's approach is rooted in her belief that the best product experiences are those that seamlessly integrate into users' lives. Her philosophy stems from her journey as a parent, understanding firsthand the challenges and joys it brings. This unique perspective enables her to craft content that resonates deeply with her audience, providing them with valuable insights and practical solutions.

In addition to her professional role, Megan is passionate about hiking and exploring the outdoors. This interest often seeps into her work, inspiring innovative ideas and approaches to product development and user experience.


Megan earned her Degree in Software Development from Western Governors University. This solid educational foundation, coupled with her extensive field experience, positions her as a trusted authority in product development, testing, and user experience. Her academic credentials, combined with her real-life experiences, provide a unique and authoritative voice that both search engines and users trust.

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