Owlet Dream Duo 2 Hands-on Review: Best Health Tracking Baby Monitor

Written By: Megan Svetz
Reviewed By: Samantha Wood

As a new parent, ensuring my baby boy’s safety and well-being is my top priority. When I discovered the Owlet Dream Duo 2 Smart Baby Monitor, I knew I had to put it to the test. With its advanced monitoring features and sleep analytics, this monitor was exactly what I was looking for: a monitor that provides parents with peace of mind.

I read a bunch of reviews before-hand, and feel that the Owlet Dream Duo 2 is for parents looking for extra comfort to reduce anxiety — but some parents find the alarms more anxiety inducing. In this blog post, I’ll share my honest review of the Owlet Dream Duo 2 with the Dream Sock and Camera, discussing its pros, cons, and how it compares to other baby monitors on the market.


Overall Rating: 9.0/10



  • Higher price point.
  • Sound and video lagging.
  • Occasional false alarms — learning curve with the Dream Sock.
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Key Takeaways

  • The Owlet Dream Duo 2 provides monitoring of your baby’s oxygen levels and heart rate, sending alerts if they go out of the range.
  • The user-friendly app offers valuable insights for parents passionate about sleep training information: daily guides, weekly tips and an overall sleep plan!
  • High-quality video and audio occasionally lags (typical of WiFi monitors).
  • The Owlet Dream Duo 2 is HSA/FSA eligible, even though it comes at a higher price point than your basic baby monitor.

Overall Rating: 9.0


Safety: 9/10

9 out of 10 rating

Privacy: 9/10

9 out of 10 rating

Range: 10/10

10 out of 10 rating

Audio: 8/10

8 out of ten rating

Video: 8/10

8 out of ten rating

Battery: 10/10

10 out of 10 rating
Owlet Dream Duo 2 installed in babies room on wall

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Owlet Dream Duo 2 in the box --- unboxing the Owlet

Our Hands-on Review of the Owlet Dream Duo 2

I’ve been using the Owlet Dream Duo 2 for several weeks now, and I must say, I’m impressed. Setting up the monitor was a breeze, and the app is intuitive and easy to navigate. The Dream Sock fits comfortably on my baby’s foot and doesn’t bother him, and once we figured out how to put it on without it getting bumped around and causing false alarms, the entire experience improved.

If the Owlet Dream Sock gets bumped and can’t monitor correctly, there are base station and in-app alerts. The charging station should be installed within 100 feet of the Dream Sock to use bluetooth connectivity, so be aware of this because if the base senses a bad/misaligned sock fit, it lights up and plays a lullaby (which can be snoozed for 1 minute by pressing the Dream Sock Base Station).

Owlet Dream Duo 2 screenshot example
Screenshot from my phone of Owlet Dream Duo 2’s live video feed.

The Owlet Dream Duo 2 is our favorite health tracking baby monitor! In large part because of the Predictive Sleep Technology in the app, which provides an extra layer of reassurance and guidance. As a new mom, I love the recommendations and sleep guidance, as well as being able to access the camera from anywhere. While there have been a couple of false alarms, the peace of mind this monitor provides far outweighs any minor inconveniences.

In addition to the crystal-clear video and Dream Sock monitoring your baby’s oxygen levels and heart rate, the Owlet Dream Duo 2 is packed with many of our favorite baby monitor features such as two-way talk, notifications and alerts, zoom, humidity and temperature monitoring, multi-camera support, multi-user support, optical zoom, and more.

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Owlet Dream Duo 2 Dream Sock and base both side views

Features Overview: Owlet Dream Duo 2

Infrared Night Vision icon
Infrared Night Vision
VOX icon
Multiple Camera icon
Multiple Camera
Two-Way Talk icon
Two-Way Talk
Play Lullabies icon
Play Lullabies
Room Temperature icon
Room Temperature
Humidity icon
Remote Pan and Tilt icon
Remote Pan and Tilt
Remote Zoom icon
Remote Zoom
Nightlight icon
Video Recording icon
Video Recording

Owlet Dream Duo 2 screenshot at night using night vision
Screenshot from Owlet’s Dream App at night using infrared night vision.

Scorecard Details

Health and Safety: 9/10

When researching the Owlet Dream Duo 2, I was curious about the company’s experience with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In 2021, Owlet voluntarily withdrew its Dream Sock product from the market after receiving a warning letter from the FDA.

The FDA claimed that the Dream Sock, which monitors a baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels, should be classified as a medical device and undergo the appropriate regulatory processes. Owlet worked diligently to address the FDA’s concerns and in January 2023, Owlet announced that they had received FDA clearance for the Dream Duo 2, which includes the Dream Sock and HD video monitor.

FDA approved baby monitor Owlet Dream Duo 2

As a parent, I find comfort in knowing that the Owlet Dream Duo 2 has undergone such rigorous scrutiny and testing to be cleared by the FDA. While no product is perfect, and there may be occasional false alarms or technical glitches, I believe that Owlet’s commitment to safety and compliance is evident in their pursuit of FDA clearance.

I haven’t experienced many of the false alarms I was weary of when reading some user reviews. In fact, I love all the monitoring and tracking, especially viewing my baby’s pulse rate, oxygen, wakings, and sleep trends via the Owlet Dream App. Some of the notifications you can configure in the Owlet Dream App include: low pulse rate (below 60 bpm), high pulse rate (above 220 bpm), low oxygen (below 80%), sound, motion, or crying.

Owlet Dream App screenshot of notifications
The Owlet Dream App allows you to turn different notifications on for Cry Detection, Sound Detection, Motion Detection, and Room Comfort.

The last three notification types, sound, motion, and crying, can all be detected by the Owlet Dream Duo 2 camera without use of the Dream Sock. So, even if the sock is being washed, you can still easily keep an eye on your little one.

Now, let’s talk radiation. The sock base charging station utilizes bluetooth and the risk of radiation from the Dream Sock is negligible. The Owlet Dream Duo 2 base station needs to be less than 100 feet from the sock to utilize the bluetooth and provide status updates. This can be seen with color changes which indicate if there are problems.

Owlet Dream Sock Base Station: Light Flashing Key
Owlet red flashing light

Flashing Red – High Priority – Pulse rate or oxygen levels have passed alarm limits.

Owlet yellow flashing light

Flashing Yellow – Medium Priority – Sock has fallen off or shifted, sensor is out of range, or base station has lost power.

Owlet blue flashing light

Flashing Blue – Low Priority – Sensor battery is low, unable to get readings for 30 seconds or more, base is not connected to WiFi or App is not connected.

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Privacy: 9/10

The Owlet Dream Duo 2 camera was easy to set up, and even allows for multiple cameras and multiple users. It uses a secure connection via ASL-128bit TSL encryption and utilizes WiFi, protecting your data and helping to avoid the risk of hacking. This means, like with all WiFi baby monitors, you will need to have a stable internet connection, making it a little harder to use when traveling.

The Owlet Dream Duo 2 Dream Sock uses Bluetooth to connect to the base station, specifically a wireless frequency/band of 2.4 GHz, and 4 different frequency channels.

Dream Sock battery charging in base station -- up to 16 hours battery life

Range: 10/10

The range of the Owlet Dream Duo 2 depends upon the home’s WiFi. The sock connects with your phone via WiFi and with the base station via Bluetooth. The phone app has an unlimited range letting me stream 1080p HD video from anywhere! Plus, the Owlet Dream app works on both iOS and Android and it is free! The Owlet Dream Sock and base station need to be no more than 100 feet apart for the Bluetooth to work.

Audio Quality: 8/10

I have had an excellent experience with my Owlet Dream Duo 2’s audio quality, I experience very little lagging and the quality is clear. However, I do have the occasional background noise and interference, and have experienced some noticeable audio and video delays — but I have wondered if this is a bandwidth issue with my internet.

The Owlet Dream Duo 2 offers a two-way talk feature which is a talkback option that allows me to soothe my little one when I am out and about. Sadly, I haven’t found a way to adjust the volume when using this feature, and it is more staticky than I would prefer.

Owlet Cam 2 manually tilted back and upright
The Owlet Dream Duo 2 doesn’t have a remote pan and tilt feature, so you manually adjust it when installing to get the view you want.

Video Quality: 8/10

The 1080p HD video camera of the Owlet Dream Duo 2 delivers decent infrared night vision video quality, even in low-light conditions. The night vision, especially the zoom at night, isn’t as good as the Nanit Pro’s, but we feel it does a decent job. And if you have a picky little one, the Owlet camera’s red light can be turned off from the app for total darkness in the nursery!

Owlet Dream app screenshot of live video feed at night zoomed in
The Owlet Dream Duo 2’s night vision zoomed in.

The Owlet Dream Duo 2 has a 130 degree wide angle lens and an optical zoom, you can pinch and zoom the video on your phone, it isn’t crystal clear, but we found it to be good enough.

I especially love being able to use the new picture-in-picture feature, which minimizes the video feed while using other apps. I can mute the sound and watch just the video, when I am trying to let him self-soothe. There is also a movement monitor, which alerts me when there is movement that I should look into.

Owlet Dream App screenshot of temperature and humidity adjustable thresholds for notifications
Within the Dream App you can turn on and configure your notification thresholds. Here we have upper and lower limits for temperature and humidity monitoring.

The temperature and humidity are tracked in the Owlet Dream App and the sensor is on the Owlet Cam. We found the temperature and humidity readings to be a little off. For example, it reported 66 degrees Fahrenheit when it was 70°, and it reported the humidity to be 40% when it was about 25%. Luckily, you can customize and set the range in the app, so I am watching for more deviations.

One tricky thing about navigating the Owlet Dream Duo 2 App was finding where to turn on video recordings. This is nested under Notifications, and you must turn on each notification you want on, configure them, and enable video recordings. To navigate to Notifications, click the Settings icon.

Owlet Dream Duo app screenshot configuring sensitivity for monitoring and Recording a video clip
With the Owlet Dream Duo 2 app you can enable video recording when you configure monitoring and notifications.

Battery: 10/10

The Owlet Dream Duo 2 monitor’s battery life is impressive, and has lasted us over 18 hours on a single charge. However, there was one time I checked and it had 12 hours charge, then when I looked at it again only minutes later, it had dropped to 8 hours.

Owlet claims that the Dream Sock will last 14-16 hours fully charged, and will completely recharge to 100% in 90 minutes. I did read some reviews about it degrading over time with frequent use, so we will see how it holds up after a few more months.

Owlet Dream Duo 2 battery removed from sock next to charging station
The battery removed from the Owlet Dream Sock next to the charging station.

Owlet Dream Duo 2 – What’s in the box?

What's included with the Owlet Dream Duo 2 package
  • 1 x Owlet Cam 2
  • 1 x Dream Sock Sensor
  • 4 x Fabric Sock (fitting babies 0-18 months, 5-30 lbs)
  • 1 x Base Station
  • 1 x Wall Mounting Kit (cable covers, hardware, clips)
  • 2 x USB charging blocks with cables

In addition to the items listed above in the box, you get access to the Owlet Dream App for free!!! There’s no monthly subscription or long-term contract required with the Owlet Dream Duo 2. This includes monitoring, analytics, tracking, Predictive Sleep Technology, and all-new video clips.

Additional accessories such as the Owlet Dream Sock Extension Pack (up to age 5), the Owlet Sock Travel Case, more socks, and the Owlet Sleeper can also be purchased and used with your Owlet Dream Duo 2.

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4 Different socks in two sizes included with the Owlet Dream Duo 2 (2 for right foot, 2 for left)
The Dream Duo 2 includes two different size sock pairs, four total socks.

Owlet Dream Duo 2 Assembly and Mounting Options

Assembly and connection were rather easy, and we highly recommend using the included wall mounting kit and installing the camera 6 feet away. We do not recommend using any crib mounting options which put the camera within reach of your little one.

Owlet Dream Duo 2 Subscription

The Owlet Dream Duo 2 has no subscription or additional fees!!! This is by far one of the biggest selling points for us, as the Nanit Insights Milestones subscription plan can cost you up to $300 a year!

Owlet Dream Duo 2 User Manual

You can download the Owlet Dream Duo 2 manual and other User Manuals at Owlet’s website.

Back of the Owlet Dream Duo 2

Owlet Warranty and Customer Service

Owlet offers a 1 year limited warranty on their Dream Duo 2. And if you still aren’t sure, but want to try it out, they also offer a free 30 day risk-free trial, where you can get a full refund if you are not satisfied with your Owlet Dream Duo 2.

If you need assistance you can contact their Customer Service team Monday through Friday at 1 (844) 334-5330, via email at contact@owletcare.com, or via their online chat

Alternatives to the Owlet, including Nanit Pro, Miku, Lollipop, and Eufy
Owlet Dream Duo 2 is our top pick for the Best Health Tracking baby monitor. Other health tracking competitors we like are the Nanit Pro, Eufy S340 Smart Sock, Miku, and Lollipop.

Alternatives to the Dream Duo 2: Competitor Comparison Table

Alternatives to the Owlet Dream Duo 2 Baby Monitor:

Owlet Dream Duo 2 smart sock baby monitor
Owlet Dream Duo 2 Baby Monitor
Nanit Pro smart baby monitor
Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor
Eufy smart sock baby monitor
Eufy S340 Smart Sock Baby Monitor
Snuza Hero Portable Baby Monitor
SNUZA Hero Portable Baby Monitor
Our Rating9.0 out of 10 BGE rating9.5 out of ten BGE rating8.8 out of 10 BGE review8.8 out of 10 BGE review
VideoYes, 1080pYes, 1080pYes, 1080pNo
Breathing MonitoringYesYesYesYes
Movement MonitoringYesYesYesNo
Oxygen Levels MonitoringYesNoYesNo
Heart Rate MonitoringYesNoYesNo
Sleep AnalyticsYesYesYesN/A
Video RecordingYesYesYesN/A
HSA/FSA EligibleYesYesYesNo
Remote Pan and TiltNoNo330° pan
110° tilt
2-Way TalkYesYesYesN/A
LullabiesNoNature SoundsYesN/A
Battery LifeUp to 16 hoursN/AUp to 24 hoursUp to 12 hours
*sold separately
Owlet Dream Duo 2 Dream Sock and Cam 2 with Baby Gear Essentials Lion

Final Thoughts on the Owlet Dream Duo 2

If you are a parent that needs a little extra reassurance and it is more stressful not to have additional monitoring, the Owlet Dream Duo 2 is your best health monitoring option. The Dream Sock is a little tricky to figure out, and for some parents it may be irritating. The price for the Dream Duo 2 is a little high, but we love that there is no extra subscription cost.

The Owlet Dream Duo 2 is not the most medically accurate, but good enough for peace of mind. Of all the baby monitors we’ve tested the Owlet Dream Duo 2 is the best baby monitor on the market for health tracking.

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Owlet Dream Duo 2 baby monitor unboxing
Unboxing and installing the Owlet Dream Duo 2 was simple: with clearly marked parts and easily to follow instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the Owlet Dream Duo 2 come in different colors?

    Owlet Dream Duo 2 Dream sock in multiple colors and patterns

    Yes, the Owlet Dream Duo 2 package comes in three different colors: Mint, Dusty Rose, and Bedtime Blue. You can also buy extra socks in a variety of colors including some different patterns. The Owlet Cam 2 is currently available in white and Bedtime Blue.

  • Can the Owlet Dream Duo 2 be used with multiple cameras?

    Yes, you can connect multiple cameras to the same Owlet Dream App account. Also, you can have multiple child profiles in one account, for your twins or triplets. However, you cannot stream from multiple cameras at the same time, but instead you toggle between the different video feeds.

  • Do pediatricians recommend the Owlet Dream Duo 2 or other health tracking baby monitor?

    FDA approved baby monitor Owlet Dream Duo 2

    Most pediatricians do recommend baby monitors, but some do not recommend health tracking devices due to false alarms and increasing anxiety in parents. The Owlet Dream Duo 2 is wellness device that is cleared by the FDA and has undergone rigorous testing.

  • Has Owlet ever saved a baby’s life?

    Yes, there are a variety of stories online that talk about how Owlet alerted the parents in the nick of time and saved their baby’s life. Such stories as little Amelia’s, or this story.

  • What is better: the Owlet Dream Duo 2 or the Nanit Pro?

    Nanit Pro Camera

    Overall, the Nanit Pro is a better baby monitor, but if you need additional health monitoring we recommend the Owlet Dream Duo 2. Both the Owlet Dream Duo 2 and the Nanit Pro are HSA/FSA eligible WiFi baby monitors that provide breathing and movement monitoring as well as sleep analytics.

    Nanit has a little better quality video and sound, but requires a subscription. The Owlet Dream Duo 2 additionally monitors oxygen and heart rate, but doesn’t require a subscription. Nanit utilizes a breathing band and Owlet utilizes a smart sock.


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