Baby Gear Essentials where to put a baby monitor in bedroom or nursery

Baby Monitor Best Practices: Where to Safely Place Your Baby Monitor?

When planning for your nursery, there are 2 important elements to think about to choose the best placement for your video baby monitor in the room: health & safety and viewing angle. Baby monitors, radio video cameras in particular, need to be placed at least 6 foot / 1.8 meters away from your child.

Baby Gear Essentials video monitor hacking privacy

Can a Digital Baby Monitor Be Hacked? Learn How To Protect Your Privacy

Wifi baby monitors can be hacked. You’ve probably heard the horror stories of hackers watching babies and their parents through a baby monitor camera. But you can protect your privacy by taking a few simple steps. Read our guide to learn how to protect your privacy when using a wifi video baby monitor.

Baby monitors used by celebrities

Baby Monitors Used by Celebrities

For baby-monitoring celebrities, only the best will do. From Hollywood A-listers to tech billionaires, top baby monitor brands are stocked in celeb nurseries across the … Read more

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