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Best Baby Monitors for Travel

Traveling with babies can be a challenge, especially when trying to make sure they are safe while they nap. That is why a baby monitor for travel is an essential item for parents on the go. A travel baby monitor provides peace of mind that your little one is sleeping soundly without having to constantly check in on them. And finding the best baby monitors for travel is exactly what we have set out to do.

Features to Look For in a Baby Monitor for Traveling

The best travel baby monitors have several features that make them stand out from traditional models:

  • Lightweight and easily packed away.
  • Simple and quick to set up.
  • Long range, with some non-WiFi monitors offering more than 1000 feet of coverage! WiFi monitors have unlimited coverage, but require a reliable connection.
  • Extended battery life of the parent unit, some dedicated monitors offer more than 10 hours of continuous use on a single charge – perfect for any long-distance trip! Monitors that leverage a smart device rely on the smart device’s battery.
  • Durable enough to withstand all the bumps and jolts of travel.
  • Includes two-way audio so you can comfort your child even when you’re in a different room.
  • Sensors to detect changes in the baby’s room, including motion, sound and temperature.

With the right travel baby monitor, you can have peace of mind while traveling with your little one. Often while traveling internet connections are more unreliable than at home and since WiFi baby monitors require a reliable internet connection, you will find that our top two baby monitors for traveling are actually non-WiFi. Take a look at the rankings below to find the model that meet your traveling needs and will let you travel worry-free!

Best Travel Baby Monitor Rankings

ModelEditor’s RatingCategory
Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro9.8Best Overall Non-WiFi
Eufy SpaceView Pro9.7Best Battery Life
Nanit Pro9.5Best Overall WiFi
Miku Pro9.5Best Lightweight
Roar9.3Best Outdoor
Lollipop9.3Easiest to Set Up
VTech DM2219.0Best Audio

P.S. We sometimes receive free baby monitors from manufacturers. We are, however, not paid or compensated for our reviews. To remain impartial in our tests, we use objective ranking factors and put each product in the hands of unbiased parents.

We only recommend products that we use ourselves. To support our website, we may receive a small commission if you buy something through our links. These commissions come at no extra cost for you. Read our earnings disclaimer to learn more.

Travel Baby Monitors Feature Comparison

ModelScreen SizeRangeTechnologyBatteryWeightFSA/HSA
Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro5 inches900 ftFHSS10 hrs-16 hrs1.96 lbsNo
Eufy SpaceView Pro5 inches1000 ftFHSS12 hrs-30 hrs2.7 lbsNo
Nanit Pro(smart device)UnlmtdWiFi(smart device)1.61 lbsYes
Miku Pro(smart device)UnlmtdWiFi(smart device)0.5 lbsYes
RoarN/A1000 ftFHSS20 hrs0.4 lbsNo
Lollipop(smart device)UnlmtdWiFi(smart device)2.53 lbsNo
VTech DM221N/A1000 ftFHSS18 hrs1.37 lbsNo

Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro: Best Best Non-WiFi Baby Monitor for Travel

Baby Gear Essentials Infant Optics DXR-8 best baby monitor for travel


Amazon review 4.8 out of 5 stars


9.8 out of ten BGE rating

The Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro sets itself apart as the Best Non-WiFi Baby Monitor for Travel. It includes a dedicated parent device that is easy to use and has a replaceable battery. The Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro is a solid option across the board, and although it is pricier than our Best Battery Baby Monitor (Eufy Spaceview Pro) we find the improved picture quality and stellar noise reduction feature worth it (especially the less noisy night vision). 

The Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro does not rely on WiFi and the monitor displays signal strength, battery life, time and temperature across the top of the screen. The monitor also includes an LED audio indicator and dedicated buttons for adjusting the volume and screen brightness.

Read our full in-depth Infant Optics DXR-8 review.

Pros of the baby monitor


  • Great zooming with interchangeable lenses.
  • Accommodates up to four cameras total.
  • Replaceable battery.
  • Noise-reduction feature.
  • Pans 270 degrees and tilts 120 degrees.
  • Features: two-way talk, silent mode with LED light indicators, alarm, room temperature display and two-way audio. 
Cons of the baby monitor


  • Limited range.
  • Fewer features (no white noise or lullabies).
  • Price.
  • Requires special charging port (not USB).

Eufy Spaceview Pro: Best Battery Life Baby Monitor for Travel

Eufy SpaceView baby monitor review - Baby Gear Essentials


4.2 out of 5 stars Amazon reviews


9.7 out of ten BGE rating

The Eufy SpaceView Pro baby monitor is a dedicated video monitor that doesn’t require WiFi and boasts a 12-30 hour battery life earning it the title of Best Battery Life Baby Monitor for Travel. If you are unsure if your travels will always include reliable internet, a non-WiFi baby monitor may be the best solution for you. Many parents also prefer a non-WiFi baby monitor because they find they are more dependable and have fewer security concerns.

The Eufy SpaceView Pro is easy to navigate, displaying the time of day, signal strength, battery life, temperature and can support up to four cameras. The device also offers excellent range.

Read our full in-depth Eufy SpaceView review.

Pros of the baby monitor


  • No WiFi needed.
  • Easy to use; simple set-up (only two screws to attach).
  • Sound activation and VOX mode.
  • Longest battery life of any dedicated device unit we tested.
  • Pans 330 degrees and tilts 110 degrees.
  • Features: temperature and humidity sensors, sound alerts, two-way communication, five lullabies, white noise and an alarm clock.
Cons of the baby monitor


  • Price.
  • Not the best sound activation.
  • Zoom creates fuzzy image.
  • No movement alert.

Nanit Pro: Best WiFi Baby Monitor for Travel

Nanit Pro Baby Monitor

The Nanit Pro is our pick for the Best WiFi Baby Monitor for Travel, it has many features, is easy to use, low EMF, but has a higher price tag.

The Nanit Pro is a WiFi baby monitor and requires good internet connection for consistent monitoring. It works in tandem with an app you put on your phone or other smart device. The Nanit Pro camera must be plugged in and does not use a separate battery; therefore the battery life is dependent on the smart device you are using to monitor the baby with.

The Nanit Pro is one of the sleekest WiFi baby monitors on the market, with many baby-centric features but a price tag to match. For highest ease of use, we recommend the flex stand and travel case.

Read our full in-depth Nanit Pro review.

Pros of the baby monitor


  • Easy to use.
  • High-quality video in both daytime and nighttime settings.
  • Sleep tracking data with subscription.
  • Can bundle with breathing wear which monitors the baby’s heart rate.
  • Push notifications for movement, sound, temperature or humidity.
  • New fun color options.
  • Features: temperature and humidity sensors, motion detection, 2-way communication, a nightlight, nature sounds and white noise and sound activation. 
Cons of the baby monitor


  • Expensive.
  • Subscription fee after first year for sleep data.
  • No built in lullabies.

Miku Pro: Best Lightweight Baby Monitor for Travel

Miku Pro Smart Monitor with travel case

Out of all the cameras tested, the Miku Pro was the lightest one, earning it the title of Best Lightweight Baby Monitor for Travel. Miku is a premium WiFi baby monitor with excellent video performance and an impressive list of features. One such feature is the ability to track your baby’s breathing pattern without the need to wear additional electronics on their body, making the Miku Pro eligible for FSA and HSA reimbursement.

Miku Pro is a WiFi monitoring system that uses an app on your smartphone or other smart device, allowing the range to be unlimited but based on internet connection. The Miku Pro doesn’t have a separate battery and instead must be plugged in. Miku also sells a travel case that provides protection and simplifies transporting your Miku Pro.

Read our full in-depth Miku Pro review.

Pros of the baby monitor


  • Great video quality.
  • Pinch-to-zoom feature.
  • Monitors breathing and sleep patterns.
  • Pairs to multiple cameras.
  • No subscription fees.
  • High-security Crypto Chip (AES 256-bit, TLS/SSL).
  • Feature rich: temperature, humidity and light tracking, motion and sound detection, 2-way communication, lullabies, “sleep sounds” and white noise.
Cons of the baby monitor


  • Expensive.
  • App a little harder to navigate.
  • Some connectivity issues.
  • Lacks Alexa and Google Assistant voice support.

Roar: Best Outdoor Baby Monitor for Travel

Roar outdoor baby monitor

The Roar Outdoor Baby Monitor is an excellent audio-only monitor that is easy-to-use, lightweight and an excellent option for families that love to spend time outdoors. It is water-resistant, durable yet lightweight (weighing only 198 grams), and tough enough to handle being dropped.

The 1000 foot range works great and provides flexibility in different outdoor situations. However, in our opinion, the battery life is definitely the strongest selling point — lasting over 20 hours!

Read our full in-depth Roar Outdoor Baby Monitor review.

Pros of the baby monitor


  • Excellent audio.
  • Range of over 1000 feet.
  • 20+ hour battery life.
  • Durable and excellent quality.
  • Easy-to use.
Cons of the baby monitor


  • Basic audio-only device.

Lollipop: Easiest Baby Monitor to Set-Up for Travel

Lollipop Baby Monitor review - Baby Gear Essentials


4.3 out of 5 stars Amazon reviews


9.3 out of ten BGE rating

The Lollipop Baby Monitor is a unique looking WiFi baby monitor with a bendable silicone stick stand that allows it to be attached just about anywhere, earning it the title Easiest Baby Monitor to Set-Up for Travel. It uses an app on your smart device, making the range and battery dependent on your internet connection and smart device (the camera itself must be plugged in, but it includes a long cord).

The Lollipop includes many great features, all at an affordable price. The app supports playing audio in the background, but does require a subscription for additional sleep tracking data and continuous video recording. Also, it is worth noting that the app works best with an iPhone.

Read our full in-depth Lollipop review.

Pros of the baby monitor


  • Smart Detection (cry, motion, noise).
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Local WiFi option.
  • Supports multiple cameras.
  • Fun color options.
  • Features: classical lullabies and white noise options, night vision, two-way talk and VOX.
Cons of the baby monitor


  • No pan and tilt.
  • Temperature and humidity tracking sold separately.
  • Some video lags.
  • Wired only with no battery backup.

VTech DM221: Best Audio Baby Monitor for Travel

Vtech-DM221 audio baby monitor


4.7 out of 5 stars Amazon reviews


9.0 out of 10 BGE rating

The VTech DM221 is a best seller with high reviews at multiple retailers, with an easy automatic linking set up and decent audio making it our pick for the Best Audio Baby Monitor for Travel. If you have a limited budget and aren’t worried about the bells and whistles of a video monitor, the VTech DM221 is an excellent option for traveling.

The VTech’s parent unit lights up when it detects sound, includes a vibration feature and also beeps when it goes out of range. The parent monitor does take a little time to charge and the child unit must remain plugged in.

Read our full in-depth VTech DM111 review.

Pros of the baby monitor


  • Affordable.
  • Clear, crisp audio.
  • Noise detection alerts, including a vibrate alert.
  • VOX mode.
  • 1,000-foot range.
  • Battery lasts 16 hour on a charge, is cordless and rechargeable.
  • Ability to add a second parent unit.
  • Features: night-light, belt clip on parent device, two-way talk and multi-level sound indicator.
Cons of the baby monitor


  • Basic audio-only device.

Conclusion: Best Baby Monitors for Travel

Finding the best baby monitor for travel all depends on where you are going, if there will be internet and electricity and what features you are looking for. Several features worth noting for traveling baby monitors are that it is lightweight, easy to set-up, range, battery life and durability.

Reach out if you have any other models you would like for us to review and see if they can in be included in our top baby monitors for traveling.

Best Baby Monitors for Travel: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best baby monitors to travel with for 2023?

The Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro is the overall best non-WiFi baby monitor for travel in 2023. It delivers superb image quality and packs a long list of helpful features. The Nanit Pro is the best WiFi traveling baby monitor of 2023.

What baby monitor weighs the least?

We found the Miku Pro is the best lightweight smart monitor for travel of 2023.

What baby monitor has the longest battery life?

The Eufy SpaceView Pro has the longest battery life of any of the baby monitors we tested for traveling, lasting up to thirty hours with the screen in “stand-by”.

Can baby monitors be hacked?

Yes, baby monitors can be hacked. This is particularly the case with WiFi monitors that transmit video and sound over the Internet. But no need to panic, we have a solution. Check our guide on how to protect your baby and yourself from hackers.



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