Mockingbird Stroller Hands-on Review: Better than UPPAbaby Vista V2

Written By: Megan Svetz
Reviewed By: Samantha Wood

The Mockingbird Single-to-Double stroller is an excellent option if you are looking for a convertible stroller that can grow with your family. We love that it can support one child, two children, or up to three with the “riding board” attachment. We feel the Mockingbird Stroller is a better option than the UPPAbaby Vista V2 if you are looking for a lower price point but all the features of many premium competitors, plus it is easy to clean and includes a lifetime warranty!

What we love

What we don’t love

  • Adjustable handlebar has 6 positions, but does not telescope.
  • Doesn’t support two carriages/bassinets at the same time.
  • Need to remove seats to get a flat fold.
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Mocking bird stroller unboxing

Our Hands-On Review Of The Mockingbird Stroller

We enjoy using the Mockingbird Stroller and testing out different configurations. The seats are long and wide enough for my tall kids. The ride is smooth with excellent suspension and no squeakiness, like we see with some competitors as more kids and weight are added.

We recommend the Mockingbird Stroller if you are looking for a convertible stroller that can support more than one kid and you are on a budget. We feel the competition is neck-and-neck with UPPAbaby Vista and depends on features that are more important to your family. If you are looking for a jogging stroller, traveling stroller, or a basic travel system we recommend checking out our picks for the Best Strollers of 2024!

Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller – What’s In the Box?

The Mockingbird stroller includes the stroller frame, seat, wheels, canopy, child bumper bar, and sunshade in the box. Also, the stroller frame comes in a bag that is great to reuse when storing the folded stroller. Additional accessories, such as the parent organizer, child tray, riding board, car seat adapter, and bassinet must be purchased separately.

  • Dimensions – Unfolded: 25.5″ wide (wheel to wheel) x 40″ tall (wheel to handlebar) x 33″ long (front wheel to back wheel) (65 x 101.6 x 83.8 cm).
  • Dimensions – Folded: 25.5″ wide (wheel to wheel) x 34″ tall (footrest to floor) x 18″ deep (65 x 86.4 x 45.7 cm).
  • Weight: 26.5 lbs (12 kg) including the frame, seat, wheels, canopy, and basket.
Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller dimensions
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What's included with the Mockingbird stroller? The Mockingbird stroller includes the stroller frame, seat, wheels, canopy, child bumper bar, and sunshade.
What’s in the box: the Mockingbird Stroller.

How to Assemble the Mockingbird Stroller

Assembling the Mockingbird stroller was quite easy and we had it done in under five minutes. We unwrapped all the pieces, unfolded the frame, attached the wheels, clipped in the seat and the canopy, and we were good to go. In case you are struggling here’s a video from Mockingbird showing you how to assemble the Single-to-Double stroller.

Mockingbird Stroller User Manual and More Information

Also, in case you misplaced yours, here is a link to Mockingbird’s Stroller Instruction Manual.

Mockingbird Stroller How We Test: Features & Ratings

When reviewing different products at Baby Gear Essentials we follow a set of review guidelines as well as rate and compare a set of different specific features. When testing strollers at Baby Gear Essentials, each family is asked to use the stroller for a few weeks to be able to analyze the following categories:

Each of these areas is thoroughly tested, thought through, and compared with other strollers in order to identify how this stroller ranks. Each section highlights additional features we like to see such as handlebar adjustability, off-road ability, parent organizer, and more.

Safety and Sturdiness

On November 10, 2022 Mockingbird single-to-double strollers were recalled due to the potential fall risk if the lower side of the stroller frame cracked. On March 17, 2023 this recall was extended to their single strollers as well. We don’t love this, but appreciated the steps the company took: the recall was voluntary and Mockingbird provided a free Frame Reinforcement Kit to all customers.

To remedy the issue moving forward, Mockingbird updated the internal construction of the stroller frame to make it stronger and safer. The Mockingbird stroller frame is made from lightweight aluminum, which is great for helping it weigh less but we have found that it can get a little scratched up.

Mockingbird stroller collapsed on locked on initial opening

Similar to the UPPAbaby Vista V2, the Mockingbird Stroller has larger back wheels to support the weight of an additional person. As with all the strollers we have tested, the maneuverability and performance go down with the added weight, especially if it isn’t spread out well over the wheel base.

Ease of Use

Attaching and removing the different seats and accessories is quite easy in general and we have not had an issue with things getting stuck or being difficult to remove. We love that the Mockingbird stroller includes a one-handed fold, but don’t love where they put the button to collapse — it feels like it is in the way and gets annoying. Plus, pushing the button to collapse was a little finicky at first.

Also, we don’t recommend this stroller if you are constantly needing to fold it because you have to basically take apart both seats in order to fold the stroller completely, which can be stressful! Like when your kids are crying to get out of the car, you have to finagle and reassemble the stroller, toddler seat, and either the seat, carriage/bassinet, or car seat attachment.

Durability and Quality

The Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller promises not just versatility but also durability and quality. As we used the stroller we were impressed with each essential component including the frame, wheels, seat, canopy, and storage basket.

1. Frame: The Backbone of Durability

The Mockingbird stroller frame is made from anodized aluminum, it strikes an excellent balance between being lightweight and exceptionally sturdy. We found it easy to maneuver but also robust enough to handle the wear and tear of everyday use. We like how the frame’s design allows it to seamlessly transition from a single to a double stroller, allowing it to be versatile as our family grows.

2. Wheels: Smooth Rides Ahead

One of the standout features of the Mockingbird stroller is its wheels. We love the smooth ride from the all-wheel suspension and shock-absorbing tires… which are guaranteed to never go flat! Plus there is a one-step footbrake in the back and a swivel-lock mechanism on the front wheels in case you are trudging through some mud, sand, or snow.

The Mockingbird stroller’s wheels feel like they are solid foam and are made from Polyurethane and are very durable. The rear wheels are larger than the front wheels to support additional weight. However, we don’t feel the ride is as smooth as some of the jogging strollers we’ve tested that have air-filled tires (keep in mind air-filled tires also include the headache of filling and replacing them if punctured).

Mockingbird stroller frame without any attachments
3. Seat: Comfort Meets Durability

Comfort is key when it comes to stroller seats, and the Mockingbird doesn’t disappoint. The seat padding is plush yet firm, providing the right amount of support for your child. The fabric feels high-quality and is super easy to clean — whether I am wiping it off or unzipping it for a machine-wash. The fabric also feels strong, like it can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

The 5-point harness was recently updated to be easier to adjust. The seat also has multiple recline positions; however it does not go completely flat nor completely upright, for those pickier kids we all know we have. However, the infant insert is designed for just this, allowing your little one to lay more flat and secure in the seat.

4. Canopy: Protection with a Purpose

The canopy of the Mockingbird stroller is made from durable, water-resistant, UPF 50+ protection material, it offers ample coverage to shield your child from the elements. We love the magnetic peek-a-boo window and the extra section of the canopy that can be unzipped to expose a mesh panel to increase airflow .

5. Storage Basket: Spacious and Sturdy

Last but not least, the enormous storage basket of the Mockingbird stroller is a true game-changer for parents and can support up to 30 pounds. That means it can hold my diaper bag and groceries! The material can easily be wiped off, or you can remove the Mockingbird stroller storage basket with its snaps.


We love the added comfort from Mockingbird strollers adjustability in the seats, footrests, and handlebar. The seats have high-quality fabric with a good amount of padding, plus the multi-position reclining mentioned previously. The footrests are also adjustable and have three different positions, plus it unzips for easy clean up. The handlebar has a faux-leather grip and can be adjusted to 6 different positions (but it doesn’t telescope out).

Several parents complain about the height, but I have a cousin who is 6″2 and his wife is 5″5 and both of them love using their Mockingbird stroller and have no complaints about the handlebar or accidentally kicking the rear-brake when walking. Although I imagine it is more about stride length.

We love Mockingbird’s large canopy and sunshade to protect from the elements, as well as the extra mesh panel which can zip open to provide additional airflow, great for warmer days!

Weight and Bulkiness

Being a convertible stroller, the Mockingbird Stroller is larger and heavier than many basic strollers and weighs 26.5 pounds. It’s a little tricky to fold and requires removing all attachments to fold flat, and once folded still measures 25.5″ wide (wheel to wheel) x 34″ tall (footrest to floor) x 18″ deep (see additional specifications).

The Mockingbird stroller is bulky and we definitely recommend measuring your trunk space and storage area to ensure it will fit. We also don’t recommend the Mockingbird stroller for flying, since some airlines have a weight limit on items checked in at the gate and would make you check it in at the counter.


Perhaps the best feature about the Mockingbird stroller is all the different configurations, making it the most flexible stroller option for growing families. In fact with the riding board and two seats attached, the Mockingbird stroller can support up to three kids!

To support infants, the Mockingbird Stroller has three different configurations to choose from: the Bassinet (aka “carriage”), car seat (with the Car Seat Adapter), and an Infant Seat Insert to be used with the included seat. When using the car seat adapter, the following car seats are compatible with the Mockingbird Stroller:

  • Baby Jogger City GO 2
  • Britax (B-Safe 35, B-Safe Ultra)
  • Chicco KeyFit and Fit2 (all infant car seat models)
  • Clek (Liing, Liingo)
  • Cybex Cloud Q
  • Cybex Aton M
  • Evenflo (Embrace, Nurture)
  • Graco SnugRide (all infant car seat models)
  • Maxi-Cosi Mico (30, Max 30, Max Plus)
  • Nuna (Pipa, Pipa Lite, Pipa Lite R, Lite LX, Lite RX, and RX)
  • UPPAbaby Mesa (2020 model or newer)
  • Uppababy Mesa Max

Capacity and Storage

The Mockingbird Stroller storage underneath is massive, which is ideal as a mother of a busy toddler and newborn baby. It can even hold up to 30 pounds! Additionally a parent organizer and child tray can be purchased to add even more storage to the stroller!


We think the Mockingbird stroller itself is beautiful with its black sleek fabric and eye-catching brown “leatherette” grip handlebar. We often get compliments on how cute and stylish it is, especially when using the bassinet.

We highly recommend purchasing the bassinet or the infant insert if you go walking often or plan on having your younger baby in the stroller often. Not to mention, it is safer for your little one since they really shouldn’t be in the car seat for too long.

**Note that the “leatherette” grip is actually faux-leather as all Mockingbird products contain no animal by-products.


Among the convertible stroller competitors, one of the biggest differentiators for the Mockingbird stroller is price. Compared to UPPAbaby or Bugaboo, the Mockingbird stroller has many of the same features at a lower price point. One thing to point out though is that certain accessories may not be included (like the bassinet), so make sure you do a final price check and consider the different items included.

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Final Thoughts on the Mockingbird Stroller

The Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller is a sleek convertible stroller built from high-quality materials that are easy to clean, provides ample storage, and a comfortable ride for my little ones. We recommend it for growing families who are looking for a more budget friendly convertible stroller option, but aren’t worried about toting it around and don’t plan on going jogging or off-roading with it.

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Mockingbird Stroller Warranty, Company, and Customer Support

One of our favorite things about the Mockingbird stroller is that they offer a lifetime warranty on all their strollers, compared to UPPAbaby’s 2 year warranty. Additionally, they have excellent customer service and if you ever have a missing or broken piece they will replace it for free.

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Mockingbird Stroller Alternatives and Competitor Comparison Table

We tested the Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller, in comparison to their Single Model Stroller which is just a little bit smaller, built to support only one kid, and also costs a little less. If you are looking for a convertible stroller but you don’t need to support additional children, the Mockingbird Single Stroller may be a better option for your family.

Mockingbird stroller options: Single or Single-to-Double.

There are currently a variety of convertible strollers that can support bassinets, seats, and car seats. A few of our favorites are outlined in the comparison table below, but we also have loved the Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Stroller, Mompush Ultimate 2 Baby Stroller, Contours Curve V2 Convertible Stroller, and the Graco Modes Pramette Stroller.

Mockingbird Stroller Competitor Comparison Table

Mockingbird Single Stroller 2.0
Mocking bird single to double stroller
Mockingbird Single-to-Double
UPPAbaby Cruz V2
UPPAbaby Cruz V2
Chicco Bravo Trio Stroller Travel System
Chicco Bravo Trio
Our Rating9.2 out of ten BGE rating9.5 out of ten BGE rating9.7 out of ten BGE rating
Full Review
9.1 out of ten BGE rating
Full Review
Max Weight Capacity50 lbs
(22.7 kg)
90 lbs
(40.8 kg)
50 lbs
(22.7 kg)
50 lbs
(22.7 kg)
Max Height Capacity42 inches
(106.7 cm)
42 inches
(106.7 cm)
40 inches
(101.6 cm)
40 inches
(101.6 cm)
Stroller Weight27 lbs
(12.2 kg)
26.5 lbs
(12 kg)
25.5 lbs
(11.6 kg)
24.9 lbs
(11.3 kg)
Number of Wheels44 44
Wheel Materialtreaded EVA foamtreaded EVA foamsolid polyurethane wheelstreaded EVA foam
Reclinesmultimultimulti3 positions
Adjustable Footrestyyyn
Adjustable Handleyyy3 positions
Storage Basketyyyy
Cup Holder (parent)y*y*y*y
Tray Accessory (child)y*y*y*y
Self-Stands (folded)yyyy
Car seat compatibleyyyy
*sold separately
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Frequently Asked Questions: the Mockingbird Stroller

  • What car seats are compatible with the Mockingbird Stroller?

    When using the car seat adapter, the following car seats are compatible with the Mockingbird stroller:
    – Baby Jogger City GO 2
    – Britax (B-Safe 35, B-Safe Ultra)
    – Chicco KeyFit and Fit2 (all infant car seat models)
    – Clek (Liing, Liingo)
    – Cybex Cloud Q
    – Cybex Aton M
    – Evenflo (Embrace, Nurture)
    – Graco SnugRide (all infant car seat models)
    – Maxi-Cosi Mico (30, Max 30, Max Plus)
    – Nuna (Pipa, Pipa Lite, Pipa Lite R, Lite LX, Lite RX, and RX)
    – UPPAbaby Mesa (2020 model or newer)
    – Uppababy Mesa Max

  • Why was there a Mockingbird Stroller recall?

    Mockingbird Stroller Recall

    Mockingbird Strollers were recalled on November 10, 2022 due to a hazard that the lower side of the stroller frame could crack and pose a fall risk to children in the stroller. You can read more at the US Consumer Product Safety Commissions website.

  • What are the dimensions of the Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller?

    Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller dimensions

    The dimensions of the Mockingbird stroller are:
    Dimensions – Unfolded: 25.5″ wide (wheel to wheel) x 40″ tall (wheel to handlebar) x 33″ long (front wheel to back wheel).
    Dimensions – Folded: 25.5″ wide (wheel to wheel) x 34″ tall (footrest to floor) x 18″ deep.

  • What accessories are available for the Mockingbird Stroller?

    The Mockingbird Stroller has a variety of accessories that can be purchased separately, including:
    Second Seat Kit
    Riding Board
    Carseat Adapter
    Infant Seat Insert
    Cup Holder/Parent Organizer
    Snack Tray
    Foot Muff

  • How old do you have to be to sit in a Mockingbird Stroller?

    Age child can use the Mockingbird stroller

    The Mockingbird bassinet can support an infant up to 20 pounds. The Mockingbird toddler seat can support infants with the Infant Seat Insert, 6-7 month olds without the insert and until the child reaches 50 pounds (around 5 years old). The Mockingbird riding board is designed for children at least 26 inches tall (around 3 years old) and can be used until they are 55 pounds.

  • What strollers are similar to the Mockingbird?

    stroller car seat combo guide adapters - Baby Gear Essentials

    Convertible luxury strollers similar to the Mockingbird include the Uppababy Vista V2, Bugaboo Fox 3, and Cybex Gazelle S.


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