Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller: A Comprehensive Hands-on Review

Written By: Kate Madsen
Reviewed By: Megan Svetz

The Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller is a game-changer in the realm of baby transportation. It provides the perfect blend of features and configurations, without weighing too much or costing too much. This review dives deep into what makes the Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller stand out and whether it’s the best choice for your family.

What we love

What we don’t love

  • Seat does not go completely flat.
  • Handlebar touches the ground when folded.
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Delta Children Revolve Stroller in the box with the Baby Gear Essentials Lion

Our Hands-On Review Of The Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller

The Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller is a premium baby gear item that promises to deliver not just in style but in substance. We love the reversible seat feature, which is super easy to change to face forward or backward, ensuring you can keep an eye on your newborn or let your toddler enjoy the view.

The stroller’s design emphasizes ease of use, from its unique one-handed fold mechanism to its smooth maneuverability. We highly recommend it for families looking for a lower priced premium stroller which includes all the premium features.

The Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller is excellent for walking on smoother surfaces like around parks, on sidewalks, or at the mall, but we don’t recommend it for off-road walking or jogging. If you are looking for an off-roading stroller or jogging stroller check out our picks for the Best Strollers of 2024!

What's included with the Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller: two front wheels, two back wheels, child bar, the stroller frame, and the instructions.

Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller – What’s In the Box?

The Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller includes the wheels, child bumper bar, and stroller frame with seat and canopy already attached in the box. This made it super easy to assemble, and we were ready to go in under three minutes! Additional accessories, such as the car seat adapter, carriage/pram, parent hand muffs, riding board, and more can be purchased separately.

  • Dimensions – Unfolded: 23″ wide x 41″ high x 42.5″ long (58.4 x 104.14 x 107.95 cm).
  • Dimensions – Folded: 23″ wide x 35″ high x 16″ long (58.4 x 88.9 x 40.6 cm).
  • Weight: 21.5 lbs (9.75 kg) including the frame, seat, wheels, canopy, and basket.
Delta children's revolve stroller folded with dimensions
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How to Assemble the Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller

Assembling the Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller was quite easy and we had it done in under three minutes. We unwrapped all the pieces, unfolded the frame, attached the four wheels, attached the handle, and we were good to go. The frame already had the canopy, storage basket, and seat clipped in, making it even easier to assemble than many other premium strollers we’ve tested.

Latching and unlatching the lock when the Revolve Stroller is folded
The Delta Revolve includes a folding latch to lock it in place. Remember to look for this when unfolding.

Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller User Manual

Also, in case you misplaced yours, here is a link to Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller Instruction Manual.

Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller How We Test: Features & Ratings

When reviewing different products at Baby Gear Essentials we follow a set of review guidelines as well as rate and compare different features. When testing strollers at Baby Gear Essentials, each family is asked to use the stroller for a few weeks to be able to analyze the following categories:

Each of these areas is thoroughly tested, thought through, and compared with other strollers in order to identify how this stroller ranks. Each section highlights additional features we like to see such as handlebar adjustability, off-road capability, storage, and more.

From its safety features to its design and price point, here’s everything you need to know about the Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller to make an informed decision.

Delta Revolve Stroller font wheels have a swivel-lock
To utilize the swivel-lock on the front wheels align the wheels and push down the button.

Safety and Sturdiness

The Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller doesn’t just impress with its features; it stands out for its safety and sturdiness. Engineered with a super-lightweight aluminum frame and a low center of gravity, it minimizes the risk of tipping over, giving parents peace of mind on uneven terrains and during sharp turns.

The wheels are made from rubber and are “puncture-proof”, although we didn’t test this, we found them to be quite durable and shock absorbing. The back wheels are 10 inches and we felt that promoted a smoother ride. The 6 inch front wheels can swivel or be locked to prevent swiveling when on more uneven terrain.

The Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller is JPMA certified and it meets or exceeds ASTM and CPSC standards. It includes a five-point harness system ensuring your child is securely seated, while the extensive testing for compliance with safety standards speaks to its reliability as a safe choice for your baby.

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Ease of Use

Ease of use is where the Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller truly shines! Its intuitive design facilitates a quick one-hand fold and unfold mechanism, making it a breeze for parents to transition from strolling to storage. Adjustments can be made effortlessly, from reclining the seat to flipping its direction, ensuring that your stroller adapts to the situation with minimal fuss.

The seat easily transitions to be forward-facing or rear-facing by aligning the guides and lifting the seat straight up, turning the seat around then re-aligning the guides. The handlebar has an intuitive button that allows it to telescope in and out. The foot rest easily adjusts by pressing the two side buttons in.

Delta Reversible Revolve stroller rear-facing
We love that the Delta Revolve’s seat can be either a forward-facing or rear-facing stroller.

The folding mechanism is a little unique because it isn’t in one of the usual locations: handlebar, back of seat, or side of frame. Instead you lift the seat and twist a bar, allowing you to fold the frame in half. This same bar is what you use to carry the stroller around when folded.

The Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller can stand when folded, and even has a latch to lock the fold in place. The folded stroller can be unfolded by first unlatching, then grabbing the handlebar and lifting up, which is easy to do with one hand.

Revolve stroller folded with Baby Gear Essentials Lion
As you can see the folded position relies on the handlebar on the ground.

Durability and Quality

Crafted with high-quality materials, the Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller is built to last. Its durable aluminum frame is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, while the premium fabrics are both comfortable for your child and easy to clean for you.

We did notice the frame and handlebar button got scratched as we put it in and out of the trunk, but we feel that it is normal wear and tear which are typical of a stroller. However, we found very little signs of wear and tear on the wheels, which are made from “puncture-proof” rubber.

Delta Childrens revolve stroller scratched handle bar
Scratching that we noticed upon using the Delta Revolve Stroller, taking it in and out of the car trunk, folding and unfolding it.


Comfort is paramount in the design of the Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller, both for the child and the parent. The padded seat, adjustable footrest, and multi-position recline ensure that your child enjoys a cozy ride, whether they’re observing the world or taking a nap. For parents, the telescopic handle allows for a smooth ride where we weren’t kicking the bar connecting the back wheels.

Delta Revolve adjustable footrest
Just press in the button on both sides of the adjustable footrest and the entire thing moves up and down, allowing you to choose the best angle for your little one.

We have tried out several strollers and there are times our little one cries when we buckle her up, but that is not the case with the Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller. Our little one finds the Revolve Stroller extremely comfortable: every time we buckle her up and begin our walks, she is excited and often falls asleep.

Weight and Bulkiness

While the Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller offers substantial features and sturdiness, it does so with consideration to its weight and bulkiness. It strikes a balance between providing a stable, comfortable ride and being manageable for daily use. The stroller itself weights 21.5 pounds, but the ride was so smooth it didn’t feel like we were having to “push” too hard.

Also, compared to other premium strollers we felt the weight and folded dimensions of the Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller were within range. However, those with very compact cars or limited storage space might find it a bit challenging to accommodate the folded dimensions of the Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller: Assembled: 42.5″L x23″W x41″H and Folded: 16″L x23″W x35″H.

Revolve Reversible stroller folded and in the trunk.


Designed to grow with your baby, the Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller offers exceptional flexibility. From newborn days with the car seat compatibility to toddler times with the reversible seat, this stroller adapts to your child’s changing needs. This adaptability extends its usefulness and ensures that it’s a practical investment for years to come.

When using the car seat adapter, the following car seats are compatible with the Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller:

Revolve stroller large under seat storage
The under-seat storage is huge and easily accessible regardless of the seat being forward-facing or rear-facing. Also you can see the flip-flop friendly footbrake.

Capacity and Storage

The Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller under-seat storage basket is huge! And regardless of which way the seat faces, the storage basket is extremely accessible and can hold diaper bags, shopping bags, and more. The basket is made from a sturdy, heavy-duty fabric and can easily be unsnapped and removed to clean.

The stroller itself does not come with an additional parent organizer or child tray. The Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller is designed to carry one child, either in the child seat, bassinet/pram, or in a car seat with the car seat adapter. However, Delta also makes a ride-along board that can attach to the back of the stroller and help carry an additional child!

We love going on walks with the Revolve stroller
We love going on walks with the Revolve Reversible stroller!


The Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller doesn’t compromise on aesthetics for functionality. Its sleek, modern design, coupled with thoughtful details and a stylish color palette, ensures that it looks as good as it performs. We get a variety of compliments from other parents and grandparents when we use the Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller, and we love the simple yet modern design.

We also can’t say enough about the extendable oversized canopy of the Delta Revolve Reversible stroller with a mesh breathing section that allows you to keep an eye on your little one and air out on a warm day. Or you can zip that section up for a smaller canopy.

Rear-facing Revolve reversible stroller with large canopy


Given its extensive features, safety measures, and durable construction, the Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller sits at a higher price point than your typical umbrella stroller. While it represents a little higher investment, its versatility, longevity, and ease of use justify the cost for many families.

We found we love using the stroller: from easily unfolding and folding it, utilizing comfortable forward and rear-facing reclining seats, to the adjustability of a smooth ride, we feel the Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller offers compelling value and keeps pace with the demands of a growing child.

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Final Thoughts on the Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller

In summary, the Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller is a premium stroller for parents prioritizing safety, ease of use, and convenience in their search for the perfect stroller. We love the beautiful design and the suite of features that cater to both comfort and practicality, and feel it is a strong contender in the competitive baby gear market.

Going on a walk with the Delta Revolve reversible storller
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If you are looking for a stroller that is easy to use and clean, has ample under-carriage storage, and can easily transform to be front-facing or rear-facing, the Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller promises to be a reliable, stylish, and versatile companion for all your family adventures.

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Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller Warranty

The Delta company offers an extended two year warranty on their Reversible Revolve Stroller, and they ask that you contact their customer service team if you have any items that are missing, damaged, or defective.

Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller Alternatives and Competitor Comparison Table

We tested the Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller in comparison to other premium strollers, specifically those with reversible seats. A few of our favorite strollers that support reversible seats are outlined in the comparison table below, but we also have loved the UPPAbaby Cruz V2, Peg Perego Ypsi, Graco Modes Pramette Stroller, and Mompush Ultimate2 stroller.

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Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller Competitor Comparison Table

Delta Children Revolve Reversible Stroller
Delta Revolve Reversible Stroller
Mocking bird single to double stroller
Mockingbird Single-to-Double
UPPAbaby Cruz V2
UPPAbaby Cruz V2
Chicco Bravo Trio Stroller Travel System
Chicco Bravo Trio
Our Rating9.4 out of ten BGE rating9.5 out of ten BGE rating
Full Review
9.7 out of ten BGE rating
Full Review
9.1 out of ten BGE rating
Full Review
Max Weight Capacity50 lbs
(22.7 kg)
90 lbs
(40.8 kg)
50 lbs
(22.7 kg)
50 lbs
(22.7 kg)
Max Height Capacity42 inches
(106.7 cm)
42 inches
(106.7 cm)
40 inches
(101.6 cm)
40 inches
(101.6 cm)
Stroller Weight21.5 lbs
(9.75 kg)
26.5 lbs
(12 kg)
25.5 lbs
(11.6 kg)
24.9 lbs
(11.3 kg)
Number of Wheels44 44
Wheel Materialplastictreaded EVA foamsolid polyurethane wheelstreaded EVA foam
Reclinesmultimultimulti3 positions
Adjustable Footrestyyyn
Adjustable Handleyyy3 positions
Storage Basketyyyy
Cup Holder (parent)y*y*y*y
Tray Accessory (child)y*y*y*y
Self-Stands (folded)yyyy
Car seat compatibleyyyy
*sold separately

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